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1. I MADE ICONS. This is about the second time I've even opened photoshop all year. I'm so proud. They're for womenlovefest

a. b. c.
thoughts? comments? critisms? (concrit would be super helpful, I'm so rusty!)

3. I've been watching rizzoli and isles while iconning. I love it, it's so fun (despite all the murder) and women! having friendships! with each other!

4. I'm kind-of-almost on holidays. I have two hours of class on friday. Still debating whether I should actually go. HOLIDAYS.

5. how is everyone?
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before her we were just sex objects to distract from bad plots.

Tomorrow is the 100th International Women's Day!


ps. love eleven? I do too. It just I know that Scully losing would make lots of people sad. It would mean a lot if you voted for her. It really would. Because of the things. that are written up there ^^^

pps. I have eaten too much sticky date pudding of unknown age from the fridge. It was so sweet. I feel a bit sick.
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-I have a million things to go to tomorrow at 1pm. I'll have to make SOME kind of decision. (the downside to joining so many clubs!)

-Can I just flail over the awesomeness of The Good Wife for a bit? I love Alicia. She's SO AWESOME. Also I adore Kalinda. (Kalinda?) So many women characters being strong and inspiring! <3
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hello! my laptop is fixed (hurrah!)

this is what my week has looked/will look like:

monday: hermit day! laptop + not leaving the house.
tuesday: ikea + meeting for Scandinavian club. tutoring.
wednesday: baked almost 200 cupcakes for CAKE club stall.
thursday: convincing people to join CAKE club with free cupcakes. + tutoring
friday: convincing people to join scandinavian club with swedish lollies. + dinner with family friends
saturday: helping my friend bake for her birthday + her birthday
sunday: I think to the markets? feeling a little poor though, haha. and then maybe bible study w/people I met last week who are lovely
monday: starting uni eek!

tv news: (non spoilery)
fringe: I love you! totally quality tv. makes me happy and snuggly (when I'm not freaked out :P)
himym: still a total barney/robin shipper
community: adorrabble <3
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Just a little enforced hiatus, my laptop is broken and I can't put it into be fixed until Monday. I've been trying to catch up with all your posts I missed while I was away, but there are so many. At the moment my focus is rl socialization and instant messaging, to avoid loneliness feelings. I've no idea what I'll do tomorrow, whatever did people do without computers or tv?

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look, motorized made me xmas icons, YAY. So, new default. RORY! <3

also, my sister got her year 12 results this morning (woke me up at 6.45) and she got 98.9 (which means she beat 98.9% of people! wow!) and a 50 (top mark) in Philosophy, so she's one of the THREE best people in the state at Philosophy. I'm so proud! (she even beat my paltry 98.15 grr ;D)
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1. I need to make a birthday list so my relatives can buy me stuff. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS.

oh wait. yes I do:
doctor who series 5 and a food processor. but I can't take those with me on a plane! especially not the food processor, I've only got carry-on luggage! Maybe I'll just ask for money, hee.

2. If I have breakfast and shower in 20 minutes I can make church and also the lunch after. GO GO GO.

3. I'm basically a vegetarian now. I am not convinced by the health of meat at ALL. also, environment.

4. Haven't watched any tv from Thursday. What was good, friends?

5. Was sad yesterday, but sleep seems to have cured it.

6. Talked to my family on skype yesterday! I loved seeing them. My brothers are absolutely happy at their school. It's in Berkeley, and they learn cooking, gardening, computers, spanish, AND MOST ESPECIALLY maths that they actually need to think about. Dividing fractions, other stuff I've forgotten. I'm so glad they're happy, but they don't want to leave! I don't think my mum would be happy to live in Berkeley forever, thought, she can't practice medicine there.

6b. Are all middle schools in the USA that awesome?
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that doesn't ever rhyme! (yeah it does!)

Tally of today:

Food eaten: 1 bowl of cereal, 2 empty tortillas
Hours spents playing sims: who know. more than six. DEFINITELY.
Clothes worn: 0
Books finished: 0
Rows of knitting: over 40
Episodes of TVD: 1 (ugh Damon was awful)

I don't know whether it was a good day or not. But my back aches, even after ten minutes of yoga and stretching. hmmm. I don't know whether I want to see Voyage of the Dawn Treader again tomorrow. 3D could lead to headaches :( But I will go for lunch, defs.

Have an invitation for Saturday: cooking with my sister and two of her friends (who I am very close to)

On Sunday there's a lunch at church! yay!